Hello! We are Craig and Joyce, life-long lovers of the camping lifestyle, just as you are! We have spent 26 years at Lakeshore RV Resort. Our retirement dream was to step away from our professional careers in school business and nursing to own and operate a campground. So in January 2015, that dream became a reality when we became the proud owners of Lakeshore RV Resort & Campground. The only difference now is, we moved from being just weekend warriors to living in our RV during the camping season. What an adventure it is!

Our passion is to provide our guests with a wholesome campground environment that is family/child friendly. Our roots are in Northeast Iowa, as Craig is a born & raised farm boy. We raised our two children in Cedar Falls, and of course, camping at Lakeshore. We have passed a camping legacy on to our children and grandchildren, as they all have enjoyed helping Papa and Grandma with the business.

We happily share our beautiful campground with you and your family to help foster strong relationships and establish tremendous memories with your loved ones, just as we have with ours!



Over the years, our family camping at Lakeshore, combined with many other campground experiences, have garnered enough material to write a pleasant novel, a horror story, or both for that matter, ha! It also reminds us of the title to an old Clint Eastwood movie, “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly.” You know, you’ve experienced it, too! Our vision is a composite of gleaning the good from our various camping experiences.

At Lakeshore, we desire to provide a campground experience that can be enjoyed by ALL through encouraging respectful campground etiquette that’s based on common courtesy and mutual respect. We will serve you with a high level of commitment and excellence in offering a peaceful escape from the busyness of everyday life. If you are looking for a place that is relaxing and restful, you will absolutely fall in love with Lakeshore. 

Come let us welcome you to experience the goodness of camping and the best of nature. You will be glad you did!