We want to better serve our campers by making payments to Lakeshore RV Resort & Campground quick and easy. There is a convenient option available to you so that you can make online payments to the campground. Lakeshore RV Resort & Campground has partnered with an Iowa based company, Dwolla, Inc. Dwolla is a cash-based payment network that provides you the opportunity to make payments online or with a mobile device. Dwolla’s service is convenient, cheaper than checks, credit cards, postage, and is SAFE. It is no cost to you. 

In order to use Dwolla online payment system, please take the following steps:

Step 1: Go to to learn about Dwolla.

Step 2: If questions, email or call Dwolla’s customer support at and 1-888-289-8744.
You only have to create an account once, as it is set-up permanently to make all future payments.



Step 3: When you have a personal account set-up with Dwolla and have linked it with your bank account, you are ready to make payments to Lakeshore RV Resort & Campground by using our online payment form.